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When was the last time you felt well? Do you feel alcohol is affecting your relationships, your health, your life? Are you seeking more time, energy and calm in your life? Does the weekend seem further away? What if you could just enjoy being yourself, stop making excuses and finally take control of the decisions you make? It's time to remember who YOU ARE and make conscious choices that make you proud instead of making yourself numb. Here you are taking that first step: 

Man Walking in Fields


Inspiring Change


I woke up in my car in the driveway, my wife banging on the glass. I told her I wouldn't but drove home anyway. I used to joke about checking the bumper for damage in the morning, but this wasn't a joke. My wife was done. Too many fights and arguments stirred by the obsession and physical reliance on drinking. It was every activity. It had become my purpose.

Pain of the actual effects of alcohol, depression, weight gain, chronic inflammation, GI issues, decreased sleep all intensified the downward spiral. My marriage and family connections were suffering and I did all I could to hide it from my then 3 year old boy. That was the last time I got drunk. It was the day before my son's 4th birthday and I was not going to push my luck with alcohol any more. Twenty years of my life. I spent covering up the hurt. I would seek another drink to distance this insulated pain and dulled it every time, for about 20 minutes but the looming cloud of confusion cast by alcohol was always there and as soon as that initial throb of numbness was gone the ill effect of the poison controlled every choice I made.  I wasted countless opportunities, resources and the depression led me to attempt suicide. I didn't know. I thought it was my fault. I blamed myself and dug deeper into the darkness. Little did I know injuries from my adolescence, loss of my family members and friends related to alcohol abuse and antiquated, limiting beliefs were guilting me into deeper drinking and self inflicted pain. I had tried moderation. I tried AA. I tried professional therapy, cognitive behavioral therapy and family sessions. None of it helped until I realized I had the ability to choose. I 'white knuckled' it for 3 months. Then I found Annie Grace's "Alcohol Experiment," 30 days of lasting change! It ignited my passion to dive deeper and the signs have all guided my path.



He needs a father. I am that man. I made a decision to choose life over the alternative and make a change. Through Annie Grace's training and team's support I succeeded and am now over 4 and half years sober! I have lost 40 pounds, I don't have pain, inflammation or GI issues, I sleep well every night and most and best of all, I enjoy my life with my beautiful wife and amazing son. I want to help others. I have always excelled in service and find that giving to others is the most rewarding gift I can give myself.   Connection and support from Remember Who You Are will guide you to ignite YOUR life, and start making actual choices. Primal moments of connection and raw attainable joy are in your futur. Reclaim your pride! Now, as a certified "This Naked Mind Coach" I am accepting new clients to guide on their journey. I am in proud support of Annie Grace and what This Naked Mind has to offer. Please find her site here. Today you can make the choice to NOT be alone as you open your mind to the possibility of life without the suck of alcohol's toxic drain. 


Your patterns and behaviors hold you back, let's examine these and find solace.  They are patterns and beliefs that you have programmed and accepted. There are no barriers except the one's that you have built. Your society and media are selling you a false happiness. Are you really "missing out" if you don't drink? What if you just want to calm your inner pain and begin healing?  Let Remember Who You Are help you. Through expert advice and proactive coaching, you’ll soon be excelling in a way you never thought possible. Book a session today to find the change you’ve been seeking.


The Guidance You Need

1-on-1 Coaching Session

Speak your ashes. Dissolve this hurt. 

Guiding your journey through positivity, pro active change and self realization, your goals are the focus. We design custom programs to suite your needs, schedule and situation. Book a session now with a certified This Naked Mind Coach. Coach Adam is passionate about helping others to avoid the suffering related to alcohol's toxicity and regain the freedom to choose again. 


How to find freedom?

Know you are not an addict, an alcoholic, or a failure. 

Traditions have lost their story-writing leaders. Embrace the fire that waits in your heart to expand your being and improve your life instead of numbing it. Do you want to celebrate everyday or just on the weekends? Today is the "party" that should be celebrated. There is nothing to wait for.

You ARE ready to Remember Who You Are

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